Heavy rain expected: Flash flood watch issued
Published on Sep 27th, 2010
2 comments The National Weather Service expects two to four inches of rainfall with five inch totals in some spots. FILE PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR The inch or so of rain that's fallen overnight is a mere presage,...
Flood warning: Weather Service predicts more rain
Published on Nov 19th, 2009
10 comments Mike Dillard of UVA's Facilities Management unclogs a leaf-choked storm drain at 8:50am on University Avenue. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER The rush-hour lake on University Avenue didn't slow everyone...
Enough already? Enter the <I>Hook</I>'s rainfall contest
Published on Dec 18th, 2003
0 comments Are you good at guessing how many gumballs are in the big jar? How about how much that average-size dark-haired lady weighs? Do you have a Ouija board? Even if none of that applies to you, you should...