Giant pig protests Walmart
Published on Jun 27th, 2013
5 comments Though it was a small protest with only three people, a 10-foot-tall inflatable caged pig with wounds on its sides to show how live pigs in gestation cages suffer, and elegant young women holding...
May Day rally: Housing authority hides from protesters
Published on May 8th, 2013
71 comments Nothing says May Day quite like a protest. Around 50 public housing residents and supporters, chanting, "C-R-H-A, stop evicting us today," marched the Downtown Mall on May 1 to deliver a message to...
Rally for immigration reform
Published on Apr 9th, 2013
1 comments Five-year-old Yovani Hernandez joins his dad, José Hernandez, and dozens more April 8 on the corners of Ridge-McIntire and Preston Avenue at and across from the Albemarle County Office Building....
Petitioning: Lifejacket-clad demonstrators deliver message to Hurt
Published on Aug 5th, 2012
51 comments About a dozen and a half citizens showed up at Congressman Robert Hurt's Charlottesville office August 3 to deliver a letter objecting to his votes they say are against Medicare and Medicaid. “We are...
Charlottesville 3: Capitol steps protesters dislike the deal
Published on Jun 1st, 2012
36 comments Two Charlottesville women are reluctantly leaning toward accepting a plea agreement in a high-profile body-rights protest case, while a third indicates she plans to reject the the deal recently...
BofA Day: Protesters mark shareholders meeting
Published on May 9th, 2012
6 comments In Charlotte, North Carolina, five people have already been arrested at the Bank of America shareholders meeting today. In Charlottesville, members of a group called Blue Ridge Council for Conscious...
Overcharged? Capitol protesters weigh community service deal
Published on Apr 17th, 2012
9 comments A Richmond prosecutor has dropped the unlawful assembly charge against 30 protesters arrested last month on the steps of the state Capitol and offered a community service deal that would ultimately...
Snap 'o the day: Counterprotest
Published on Aug 5th, 2010
7 comments Catholics United and Congressman Tom Perriello supporters show up at a Tea Party press conference. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE Good times at the Free Speech Monument August 2.
Snap o' the day: Protest and counterprotest
Published on Aug 3rd, 2010
4 comments Kirk Bowers (left) and Steve Peters agree to disagree. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE The Jefferson Area Tea Party and a group called host a press conference to denounce federal funding of...
2 protests: War, Perriello office location draw citizens
Published on Jun 21st, 2010
86 comments Jefferson Area Tea Party chair Carole Thorpe wants to assemble closer to Congressman Tom Perriello's office. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE The sidewalk in front of Congressman Tom Perriello's office was...
Perriello protests: Police warn of arrests for trespassing
Published on Jun 15th, 2010
42 comments A November 10 protest in front of U.S. Representative Tom Perriello's office made doing business difficult for the Glass Building tenants. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE Congressman Tom Perriello faces a...
Uncivil discourse: Protesters disrupt Yoo at Miller Center
Published on Mar 19th, 2010
54 comments John Yoo was in Charlottesville to explain the torture memos– and talk about his new book. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE The Miller Center of Public Affairs has a long tradition of luring...
Tax day: Tea partiers fill Pavilion
Published on Apr 15th, 2009
113 comments Barrett Wright gets to skip school and protest taxes. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE Charlottesville is usually thought of as a liberal town, but that wasn't the crowd on April 15 at the Jefferson Area Tea...
Critical mass: Cyclists hog to unclog
Published on Sep 11th, 2003
0 comments "We are one large vehicle," came a shout from the crowd of bicycles near the Downtown Mall on the last Friday of August. At 5:30pm, presumably when most people were getting in their cars to drive...
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