professor cline

Stonewall lost: Pictures recall burned Natural Bridge mansion
Published on May 25th, 2012
3 comments O turn thy rudder hither-ward awhile,Here may thy storme-bett vessel safely ryde;This is the port of rest from troublous toyle,The world's sweet inn, from pain & wearisome turmoyle.–lost...
Burning roadside: Can Mark Cline rise again from the ashes?
Published on May 23rd, 2012
2 comments Just as the tourist season was about to begin, one of Virginia's most trip-worthy attractions has been destroyed by fire, a rude turn for the one-man whirling dervish whose creativity, for 30 years,...
Can Professor Cline save the Taubman?
Published on Sep 22nd, 2011
2 comments Roanoke's futuristic-looking Taubman museum isn't meeting attendance projections, so they've brought in the ever-colorful "Professor" Mark Cline, of dinosaur-and-Foamhenge (and more recently of 9/11...
W'boro spectacle: After sparks, Cline memorial sparkles
Published on Sep 9th, 2011
2 comments The installation of a dramatic memorial to 9/11 caused a spectacle of its own Friday afternoon after a support cable touched a live power line, sending up sparks and plunging several businesses in...
Whatever happened? 10 updated stories
Published on Jun 30th, 2011
22 comments Whatever happened after authorities slew the geese in Forest Lakes? Whatever happened to Oliver Kuttner's remarkably light car? What's the latest on the search for Morgan Harrington's killer? This...
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