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Meat of the story: Salatin stars again
Published on Jul 5th, 2011
0 comments It's a wonder Joel Salatin finds time to farm. Fresh from being featured in the recent release of the documentary Farmageddon: The Unseen War on America's Small, Family Farms, which explores the...
Salatin shines again in 'Farmageddon'
Published on Jun 16th, 2011
0 comments Back in 2009, we had an opportunity to see Joel Salatin, the Shenandoah Valley's most famous farmer, in action. When we arrived at sunrise, the outspoken agriculturist was already high up in a...
COVER- Person of the Year: Joel Salatin's salad days
Published on Dec 17th, 2009
10 comments   Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 "The amount of licenses, paperwork, reporting, and warrantless inspections given to people who have...
Fast food, local focus
Published on Jun 9th, 2009
0 comments Chipotle is at it again. Sales rep Katherine Smith says the chain has committed to purchasing 35 percent of at least one of its produce items for each of its 860 restaurants nationwide from small and...
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