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People to watch
Published on Aug 1st, 2013
21 comments City Kristin Szakos: While professionally she's been a reporter/writer/translator, community organizing has always been close to the vice mayor's heart— she's written two books about it and her...
Beyer's market: Innovation rules at Tom Tom
Published on Apr 4th, 2013
0 comments Stopping by the Hook office two weeks before the second Tom Tom Founders Day Festival kicks off on April 11, it's clear festival organizer Paul Beyer is a busy man. In addition to putting the...
Mr. Tom Tom: Beyer sees bands and innovation together
Published on Apr 26th, 2012
19 comments As far as music festivals go, certain regions of the country have it covered: Chicago has Lollapalooza, Tennessee has Bonnaroo, and Austin has South-by-Southwest. What more do we need? According to...
Tom Tom beat: McGuffey block party kicks off month-long fest
Published on Apr 10th, 2012
1 comments Paul Beyer's ambitious vision for Charlottesville's own South by Southwest– the Tom Tom Founders Festival– debuts April 13, a kick-off to 30 days of music, art, and innovation on Thomas...
New fest: SXSW inspires TTFF
Published on Feb 17th, 2012
13 comments Last year, Paul Beyer ran for City Council. This year, he's starting a music/art festival modeled on Austin's South by Southwest. With film, book and photo festivals already well-established, it's...
Game over: Whites 2, blacks 0 in Democrats' firehouse primary
Published on Aug 25th, 2011
62 comments By Rob Schilling A 32-year reign of engineered, single-seat black representation on Charlottesville’s City Council crashed to a screeching halt on Sunday, August 21 with the early morning release of...
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