parking garage

A parking deck arises
Published on Jun 7th, 2012
1 comments The Jefferson School has been a hub of construction activity since it got the cash for an $18-million rehab late last summer. The plans include a parking deck, now emerging along 4th Street NW....
No 'monster': But UVA garage razes houses
Published on May 15th, 2003
0 comments What if UVA built a parking garage and nobody cared? Compared to last year's outrage over the "1,200-car monster" now under construction at Ivy Road and Emmet Street, there's been considerably less...
Coordinated: New lanes, lights help flow
Published on Apr 3rd, 2003
0 comments By making such a stink about it, the Lewis Mountain neighborhood seems to have transformed the "1,200-car monster" into a million dollar road-fixer. And UVA's footing the bill. Last September, the...