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Orange's alleged 'black widow' gets burned
Published on Sep 11th, 2010
10 comments [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The controversy landed on the cover of the Hook in 2004."] [/caption] Donna J. Somerville, the so-called "black widow" of Orange County, has lost...
Snap: Patriotic field in Somerset
Published on Jul 12th, 2010
2 comments Just up Route 231 from the Somerset Store. PHOTO BY SKIP DEGAN Gordonsville Airport-based flight instructor Skip Degan spotted this patriotic scene in a farmer's field in the Orange County community...
Another skydiving incident in Orange
Published on Mar 9th, 2010
1 comments Just a year and a half after the last fatal accident, there has been a serious (though not fatal) skydiving injury at the Orange County Airport, according to the Culpeper Star-Exponent. The last...
Tandem jump in Orange fatal to woman
Published on Nov 5th, 2008
20 comments The Orange County Airport experienced its second fatal skydiving accident this year. Forty-year-old Lynchburg resident and mother of two daughters April Haag died Sunday, a day after a "hard landing...
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