oliver stone

So it was Stone on the grassy knoll?
Published on Nov 5th, 2011
9 comments Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone spoke on Friday, November 4, day two of the Virginia Film Festival. His talk followed a screening of his lengthy JFK, a film that purports to show flaws in the...
Hazardous act: UVA grad had 'JFK' moment
Published on Nov 3rd, 2011
6 comments Sarah Lyman Kravits, UVA class of 1988, was in grad school in Washington when she was picked for a few moments of screen time in Oliver Stone's 1991 film, JFK. "Oliver Stone wanted everyone smoking...
Festival faces: Spacek, Stone, Sabato, and Wasikowska
Published on Nov 2nd, 2011
5 comments Just in case the movies aren't enough, the Virginia Film Festival sprinkles in a few stars.