Old Michie Theatre

Call for Auditions
Published on May 23rd, 2011
0 comments Suppose you were a sophisticated theatre critic deciding whether to marry your fiance or not. But first, you must go home to visit the family, and going home to visit your family means that you are...
James and the Giant Peach
Published on May 9th, 2011
0 comments James Henry Trotter wonders if his life will ever get better after his parents are eaten by a rhino and he is forced to live with his two wicked aunts, Spiker and Sponge. But when a strange little...
Snow White
Published on Dec 29th, 2010
0 comments Once upon a time, a vile and devious Queen sought power over the kingdom by murdering an innocent and kind-hearted princess.  The Old Michie Theatre is thrilled to present the amazing tale...