old michie building

Rivertown redux: Scottsville's Bocce reappears in C'ville
Published on Nov 16th, 2012
18 comments Remember Caffe Bocce, the first of the upscale restaurants to start putting the little river town of Scottsville on the maps de cuisine? After a near decade-long hiatus, this upscale nouvelle Italian...
Soft jazz: Carlton's coming to East Market
Published on Oct 11th, 2010
6 comments Bohšme in its heyday. Now casual fine-dining is returning to the space. FILE PHOTO BY WILL WALKER Once again the restaurant space in the old Michie Company building at 609 East Market Street, across...
Before Bel Rio: Jim Baldi and the death of Boheme
Published on Sep 7th, 2010
29 comments "First it was Clive, then it was Jim, who I'd known for 20 years," says Boheme owner Tom Fussell, of his former chef, Clive Papayanis (left), who has been charged with embezzling from the restaurant...
Doing wonders: A Garden grows on Market Street
Published on Aug 28th, 2003
0 comments Banana trees, reggae music, and Caribbean curry in downtown Charlottesville? It's no mirage. The August heat-­ along with lots of sweat and positive vibes– brought a bit of the islands to East...
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