Nathan Antonio Washington

Guilty as charged: Four life sentences for serial rapist
Published on Dec 13th, 2007
0 comments   Nathan Washington was subdued in court, but a deputy gets a smile from the admitted rapist as he journeys back to jail.PHOTO BY CLAIBORNE THOMPSON A red straw in a small orange drink connected...
Sealed order: DNA confirms part of serial rape case
Published on Aug 23rd, 2007
2 comments   Nathan Antonio "Toni" Washington has his first day in court August 23.FILE PHOTO Police confirm that DNA from serial-rape suspect Nathan Antonio Washington matches genetic material from two...
Arrested! A decade after first known attack, serial rape suspect in custody
Published on Aug 16th, 2007
0 comments His M.O. is terrifying: first he stalks his female victim, watching her coming and going, learning her habits. When he's ready, he slips inside her house and waits. And then a "blitz" attack–...
Serial specter: Belmont attack renews rapist fears
Published on Jan 20th, 2005
0 comments She went out to walk her dog that night. The dog growled, and two men appeared in her driveway, identifying themselves as detectives from the Charlottesville Police Department. That's how a long-time...
New turf: Serial rapist attacks again
Published on Sep 2nd, 2004
0 comments The initial newspaper report of the August 18 Webland Drive attack did not mention the serial rapist, nor, indeed, even that there had been a sexual assault. However, several details immediately...
Dealing with a serial rapist: Professionals weigh in
Published on Jan 16th, 2003
0 comments Here's some small comfort for women concerned about the serial rapist: You're far more likely to be raped by an acquaintance than by the predator who's preying on local women. In fact, 90 percent of...
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