mike comer

Comer to serve 14 months
Published on Aug 4th, 2010
39 comments Mike Comer will spend 14 more months in jail. Mike Comer, former treasurer of the Glenmore Community Association and son-in-law of the late Glenmore developer Frank Kessler, will spend the next 14...
Guilty plea: Comer goes directly to jail
Published on Apr 13th, 2010
36 comments A remorseful Mike Comer, unaccompanied by family members, pleads guilty to five counts. NELSONCOUNTYLIFE.COM/ALBEMARLE POLICE Michael D. Comer, the former treasurer of the Glenmore Community...
666K later: Comer arrested after Wintergreen discovery
Published on Jul 28th, 2009
22 comments The photograph shown to searchers when Comer was treated as a missing hiker and his new mugshot. NELSONCOUNTYLIFE.COM/ALBEMARLE POLICE One day after his arrest in Wintergreen's Mountain Lodge,...
Comer canned: Homeowners oust missing treasurer
Published on Jul 6th, 2009
9 comments The photograph shown to Wintergreen searchers. PHOTO BY NELSONCOUNTYLIFE.COM The case of the missing hiker is quickly becoming the case of the missing treasurer, as the homeowner association for...
Family baffled in club boss disappearance
Published on Jul 4th, 2009
11 comments Brother-in-law Jeff Gaffney went on NBC29 to express the family's bafflement. SCREEN CAPTURE A 9:30am weekday phone call to his mother and a drive to his vacation house at Wintergreen are about the...
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