mad bowl

Snap: Raise high the goalpost (and grease it)
Published on Mar 13th, 2010
2 comments Members of UVA's intramural sports department raise a repaired goal post in Madison Bowl, or Mad Bowl, at 8:23am of March 4. One member of the morning bar-raising team said the work came in the wake...
Snap: Who is calling?
Published on Nov 11th, 2009
2 comments Rugby Road pedestrians walking above Mad Bowl in the heart of the University of Virginia's fraternity and sorority zone find out who is calling shortly after noon on Monday, November 9. (As tomorrow...
Snap: Foot-commuting on Rugby
Published on Oct 27th, 2009
0 comments People who appear to be UVA students stroll south past Fayerweather Hall and Madison Bowl, aka "Mad Bowl," on Rugby Road at 8:43am on Wednesday, October 21.