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Rape myth: Critics say UVA police sent the wrong message
Published on Oct 4th, 2012
111 comments The fall semester kicked off at UVA with troubling news: two rapes reported in the same week in late September. But additionally disturbing to some sexual assault survivors was language used in a...
Huguely's violence: UVA victim wants emphasis off alcohol
Published on Mar 2nd, 2012
225 comments Related stories • 'I harmed you': 21 years, 12 steps later, rape apology backfires • Bombshell dropped as Beebe pleads • Victims' legacy? UVA overhauls sexual assault policy • Unsilenced: How this...
Victims' legacy? UVA overhauls sexual assault policy
Published on May 9th, 2011
15 comments Yeardley Love, Liz Seccuro, Annie Hylton, and Kathryn Russell are high-profile names whose cases have given the University of Virginia a reputation for something other than academic excellence: the...
Painful memoir: 12-step rape victim's book hits shelves
Published on Feb 1st, 2011
67 comments Liz Seccuro's first book, a memoir of her 1984 rape and a two-decade later apology and prosecution, hit shelves January 3. FILE PHOTO It's been five-and-a-half years since Liz Seccuro received the...
Harrington, Seccuro help UVA 'take back the night'
Published on Apr 10th, 2010
29 comments [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="262" caption="Dan Harrington"][/caption] The father of murdered college student Morgan Harrington paid a visit to an annual rally against sexual violence...
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