Kaki Dimock

Hidden otherness: Dimock draws and advocates in plain sight
Published on Sep 24th, 2012
1 comments Kaki Dimock gives new meaning to the term “working artist.” By day, she is the Executive Director of The Haven, the day shelter on Market Street. By night, in her home in Schuyler, Dimock creates...
Wild kingdom: Dimock lets the animals loose
Published on Sep 19th, 2011
0 comments Did you hear about the Egyptian Cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo last spring? While people panicked that a poisonous snake might turn up on their doorsteps, one Twitter user delighted in the...
WVTF and Radio IQ Studio Gallery: "Home"
Published on Jul 31st, 2011
0 comments Organized by New City Arts, the WVTF and Radio IQ Studio Gallery presents "Home" a group show to benefit The Haven, featuring work by Jesse Wells, Patrick Costello, Maggie Stein, Abigail Lee, Mike...
The Garage: Kaki Dimock's "In the Country, Under the Sea"
Published on Jul 24th, 2011
0 comments The Garage presents artist Kaki Dimock's exhibit, "In the Country, Under the Sea," a series of pen and ink drawings on paper that examine "the animal kingdom and what happpens beneath the surface." A...
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