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Webb's seat: Washington Post pushes Perriello
Published on Feb 11th, 2011
42 comments Lots of names are being bandied about as possible Democratic candidates to run for U.S. Senate following Jim Webb's February 8 announcement  that he won't seek a second term. "Obviously they're...
Sabato puts Jim Webb on vulnerable list
Published on Jan 6th, 2011
20 comments Webb spoke to Sabato's class in April. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER UVA-based pundit Larry Sabato has placed Virginia's senior U.S. Senator, Jim Webb, on his list of seven vulnerable members of the...
Obamabotch: Webb blasts health reform process
Published on Apr 1st, 2010
44 comments Four years ago, Webb was a little known novelist, veteran, and ex-Pentagon official. [audio of the talk] PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER "This country is bitterly divided," says U.S. Senator Jim Webb, whose...