jens soering

Senate hopeful Kaine defends Soering transfer try
Published on Apr 7th, 2011
5 comments In his first press conference as a U.S. Senate hopeful, former governor Tim Kaine defends his attempt to transfer convicted murderer Jens Soering back to Germany. The Lynchburg News & Advance has...
Haysom-Soering: Parent-killer speaks out about ex-BF
Published on Mar 23rd, 2011
24 comments Elizabeth Haysom, sentenced to 90 years for the brutal murder and near-decapitation of her parents, has broken her silence from prison with a letter to the Associated Press that insists her former...
Executive order: Soering sues McDonnell for overstepping authority
Published on Jan 25th, 2011
18 comments Tim Kaine, left, now chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has remained mum about his decision to send Jens Soering back to Germany. FILE PHOTOS Convicted murderer Jens Soering tasted the...
Soering files: When the DNA test muddies the truth
Published on Jan 23rd, 2011
7 comments Tim "Biscuit Run" Kaine and Jens Soering. FILE PHOTOS Jens Soering says he's innocent of killing his girlfriend's parents. But he confessed. And his girlfriend confessed to being an accessory. And...
New twist: Germans press for Soering release
Published on Mar 19th, 2010
2 comments Rex Bowman of the Roanoke Times has the story of the German embassy's quest to bring home Jens Soering, the UVA Echols Scholar convicted of double murder in 1990.
Another roadblock arises against Soering transfer
Published on Feb 15th, 2010
10 comments Continuing the fight against Governor Tim Kaine's unexplained move to let convicted killer Jens Soering return to his native Germany where critics fear his release would be imminent, the General...
Showdown! New governor will undo Soering transfer
Published on Jan 20th, 2010
9 comments Convicted killer Soering is now caught in an international tug-of-war between Kaine, left, and McDonnell, right. FILE PHOTOS BY DAVE MCNAIR, LANTERN BOOKS, LINDSAY BARNES It's a stop-the-presses...
Moving Soering: Another baffling exit move by Kaine
Published on Jan 16th, 2010
59 comments Family members fear that Kaine's move will soon set Soering free. FILE PHOTOS BY LINDSAY BARNES, LANTERN BOOKS Just one week after announcing a new state park without tallying the full cost to...