Hacked Neff: Scammer steals Supe candidate's accounts
Published on Jul 26th, 2011
33 comments Former IBM exec Cynthia Neff has used computers since the 1980s and understands the importance of secure passwords. That's why it was particularly galling to discover a hacker had taken over her...
Now it's Comcast whose internet went down
Published on Nov 29th, 2010
16 comments So say the Twieeters and the bloggers. (A week ago, CenturyLink either did or did not have a problem.)
To be continued: News Virginian cuts online news
Published on Apr 27th, 2009
13 comments This graphic informs readers on the Waynesboro News Virginian's website that they're only getting part of the story. WAYNESBORO NEWS VIRGINIAN As daily newspapers' sales plummet nationwide, editors...