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Screwball cop comedy inappropriate
Published on Jul 18th, 2013
17 comments What an article [July 2, "Terror at Harris Teeter: Indignation rises over ABC underage drinking op"]. What an unbelievable outrage. It sounds like some sort of cop-buddy-screw-up alleged comedy— was...
Cop questions ABC op at Harris Teeter
Published on Jul 11th, 2013
23 comments Just wanted to thank you for the article ["Terror at Harris Teeter: Indignation rises over ABC underage drinking op"]. I read the story with special interest because I retired as a police sergeant in...
Botch-athon: Legislators question ABC procedures
Published on Jul 10th, 2013
53 comments Two weeks after felony charges were dropped against a sparkling-water-buying 20-year-old, who was totally wigged out when a phalanx of seven plainclothes Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control agents...
Terror at Harris Teeter: Indignation rises over ABC underage drinking op
Published on Jul 2nd, 2013
126 comments In a week with landmark U.S. Supreme Court rulings, the news that had Charlottesville buzzing as outrage mounts? Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control agents' arrest of a young woman who'd gone to...
Attention HT shoppers: Crozet store opens
Published on May 6th, 2009
20 comments The new Harris Teeter in Crozet provides big-city amenities like sushi in a quasi-rural setting. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE An era ended in Crozet with the May 6 opening of a LEED-certified Harris...
Snap o' the Day: Credit union guy
Published on May 6th, 2009
0 comments Homer from the UVA Community Credit Union in Crozet stands on Route 250 at Clover Lawn to welcome new neighbor Harris Teeter, whose grand opening is May 6.
Collateral smoke damage: Goody's closed until March
Published on Feb 13th, 2003
0 comments The January 15 potato chip conflagration at Harris Teeter grabbed headlines and closed the store for one week. Two doors down from the Barracks Road Shopping Center grocery, sits another casualty of...
Tossing their cookies: Harris Teeter food heads to Tennessee
Published on Jan 23rd, 2003
0 comments After the smoke cleared from the January 15 potato chip conflagration on aisle 11 at Harris Teeter, a company spokesperson announced that everything in the store would be thrown away and the store...