greg rosson

Self-defense: Cop cleared in Afton shooting
Published on Aug 28th, 2013
1 comments The officer who fired five bullets and killed 21-year-old Greg Rosson had "reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury" and will not face criminal charges, according to a determination released...
Who shot Greg Rosson? ID of police officer still secret
Published on Aug 21st, 2013
11 comments August 16 was Gregory Rosson's 22nd birthday. His family brought flowers, his two dogs, and sang "Happy Birthday" to him— at Prize Hill Cemetery in Boonesville, where he was buried June 14. They also...
Family in the dark: Police still mum on who shot Greg Rosson
Published on Jul 17th, 2013
15 comments July 8 was the one-month anniversary of Gregory Rosson's death. His family visited his grave, their tears mixing with the rain that was falling. "It still feels like it just happened," says a family...
2 police shootings: No new info released
Published on Jun 26th, 2013
11 comments Within two weeks, Albemarle police officers shot people in two separate incidents, one of which was fatal. The details of the Birdwood Court and Afton Mountain shootings are still under wraps....
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