global warming

Jaquith might wanna try Somalia
Published on Aug 16th, 2012
2 comments To the credit of Janis Jaquith, she acknowledges her addiction [August 9 essay: "Post derecho: I realize I'm the eco-catastrophe"]. This addiction does seem to have rendered her thought processes...
Early spring: What's wrong with this picture?
Published on Mar 27th, 2012
5 comments Related item Jan 12: Winter jasmine jumps out early A typical April in Central Virginia: Tulips are abloom. So are redbuds, cherries, and dogwoods. Grass is a vivid green after the winter's brown...
The hockey stick 'graph
Published on Jan 18th, 2012
1 comments You've heard of the hockey stick graph. Well, how about the hockey stick autograph?
Mann act: 'Hockey stick' scientist returns to UVA
Published on Jan 17th, 2012
23 comments "It's not wrong to be wrong," says Michael Mann, author of the famous "hockey stick graph," the controversial image of a recent spike in global temperatures. Speaking on the quest for knowledge in a...
Falling asleep? What keeps us in bed at night?
Published on Jul 28th, 2011
0 comments Q. Many people are restless sleepers, real tossers and turners, but few awaken on the floor. So what keeps us from falling out of bed at night while we sleep?—M. MouseA. There are many opportunities...
Rome burning? Then it's time for the impossible
Published on Mar 10th, 2011
0 comments Economist M. Scott Taylor and actress Emily Blunt– or rather the character she plays in The Adjustment Bureau– are peas in a pod. Recently, while The Adjustment Bureau was arriving in Charlottesville...
Peatross decides: Judge pens halt to Cuccinelli inquest
Published on Aug 30th, 2010
31 comments Peatross' ruling leaves Cucinelli right to refile. HOOK GRAPHIC WITH DAN KACHUR PHOTO The controversial "climategate" inquest by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli came to a halt Monday as an...
Standing by Mann: Small but punchy protest blasts Cuccinelli's 'climategate' inquest
Published on Aug 24th, 2010
156 comments Protest organizer Ryan McElveen, who enters a master's program at Columbia this fall, meets the press. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER As global temperatures rise, so does Charlottesville's profile in a...
Pelt Michaels? Climategate includes swipe at Pat
Published on Dec 8th, 2009
12 comments One scientist was so irked by global warming skeptic Pat Michaels that he ill-advisedly jotted an email expressing interest in slugging Michaels. FILE PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO The summit on global...