George Huguely

Huguely: 'How the f*** is she dead?'
Published on Feb 10th, 2012
131 comments Day Three Friday, February 10 A police interrogation videotape began with a groggy George W. Huguely V recounting copious amounts of alcohol he began consuming that fateful Sunday morning and...
Off steroids? Slimmer Huguely prompts chem speculation
Published on Feb 10th, 2012
77 comments The dramatically different look of the on-trial George Huguely could stem from a lack of steroids behind bars, says Hook legal analyst David Heilberg, who cautions that his theory about the...
'Out of control': Witnesses say Huguely's drinking escalated
Published on Feb 9th, 2012
64 comments   Day Two Thursday, February 9 - afternoon When University of North Carolina lacrosse player MIke Burns came to visit friends at UVA in the winter of 2010, he witnessed an altercation between...
Tough morning: Photos bring tears at Huguely trial
Published on Feb 9th, 2012
12 comments Day Two Thursday, February 9 - morning Jurors responded stoically as they got their first painful glimpse of a deceased Yeardley Love on Thursday morning, as the prosecution in the trial of accused...
Analyst says: Huguely still heading for a conviction
Published on Feb 9th, 2012
37 comments Despite the previous day's revelation that after getting brutally beaten Yeardley Love survived for two hours, longtime Hook legal analyst David Heilberg indicates that he stands by his...
Crib death? Defense insists Huguely merely 'contributed'
Published on Feb 8th, 2012
54 comments After getting taunted as a less-talented sex partner than a rival lacrosse player, George W. Huguely V sent on-again/off-again girlfriend Yeardley Love an email that he may live to regret: "I should...
Day 3: photos of Huguely trial
Published on Feb 8th, 2012
6 comments Photographs from outside the Charlottesville Circuit Court on the morning of Wednesday, February 8. The trial entered its third day with opening arguments from the defense and the prosecution.
Huguely trial: Jury pool narrowed
Published on Feb 7th, 2012
15 comments Day 2 of jury selection in the trial of George Huguely ended with 27 candidates to serve out of the pool of 160 citizens called– enough to set the jury when court resumes Wednesday morning....
Huguely on trial: Slimmer-- as analyst describes his chances
Published on Feb 6th, 2012
63 comments A jury selection in the first-degree murder trial of George Huguely V began Monday, February 6. The Hook's legal analyst, besides noting that this is the biggest career moment for the lawyers...
Final motions: Judge allows graphic photos in Huguely trial
Published on Feb 4th, 2012
29 comments In anticipation of the largest murder trial Charlottesville has seen, a final hearing was held on Friday, with attorneys for accused girlfriend-killer George Huguely unsuccessful in keeping what they...
Housekeeping: Court readies for Huguely trial
Published on Jan 26th, 2012
21 comments Pretrial publicity remains a concern for the defense in the upcoming murder trial of former UVA lacrosse player George Huguely for the death of his former girlfriend Yeardley Love. Related stories...
Huguely hearing: Mum on medical records, no TV in court
Published on Nov 7th, 2011
15 comments On Monday, November 7, the public got a taste of what's to come during a hearing on motions concerning the medical records of slain UVA student Yeardley Love. As attorney for alleged killer George...
Love's medical records: Should hearing be closed?
Published on Oct 26th, 2011
29 comments In a rare agreement with the defense, Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman said he'd like a November 7 hearing on motions concerning the medical records of slain UVA student Yeardley Love closed....
Love case prompts policy change at UVA
Published on Aug 6th, 2010
76 comments In the wake of the slaying of lacrosse player Yeardley Love, UVA students will now be required to actively report any arrests or convictions at registration, new UVA president Teresa Sullivan...
Blunt force: Documents claim Huguely bloodied and tossed Yeardley Love
Published on Jul 9th, 2010
152 comments Daily Progress editor McGregor McCance emerges from the July 1 document-unsealing hearing. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Two months after the bloody, pre-graduation death of UVA student Yeardley Love,...
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