the garage

The walls on the Garage go up, up, up
Published on Jan 8th, 2013
0 comments The Garage, Charlottesville's tiniest all-purpose venue, was the victim of a car smashing through its walls in September from the Hill and Wood Funeral Service parking lot. The errant elderly driver...
Garage banned? Nope, big hole can't stop tiny venue
Published on Sep 24th, 2012
10 comments Music fans nearly lost their smallest venue Friday night when an elderly driver drove a vehicle through a brick wall at the Garage, a converted downtown structure adjacent to Lee Park. Related: "...
Mardi Gras on Second Street
Published on Feb 22nd, 2012
0 comments No, this ain't New Orleans, but Fellini's #9 was doing its best imitation of Fat Tuesday last night. There was a giant blow-up jester in the back of a truck, purple, gold, and green beaded necklaces...
Wild kingdom: Dimock lets the animals loose
Published on Sep 19th, 2011
0 comments Did you hear about the Egyptian Cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo last spring? While people panicked that a poisonous snake might turn up on their doorsteps, one Twitter user delighted in the...
The Garage: Timothy Gonchoroff
Published on Jul 24th, 2011
0 comments The Garage presents "Hornbeam Harmonies," an installation of wood sculpture and sculpture-inspired paintings by Timothy Gonchoroff. A First Friday opening is scheduled for December 2, 5-8pm. 250...
The Garage: Roger Williams and Jameson Zimmer
Published on Jul 24th, 2011
0 comments The Garage presents "Selected Daybooks," an exhibition of diary drawings, zine pages, embroidered star charts, and other miscellany by Roger Williams and Jameson Zimmer. A First Friday opening is...
The Garage: Kaki Dimock's "In the Country, Under the Sea"
Published on Jul 24th, 2011
0 comments The Garage presents artist Kaki Dimock's exhibit, "In the Country, Under the Sea," a series of pen and ink drawings on paper that examine "the animal kingdom and what happpens beneath the surface." A...
The Garage: Josh Van Horne's "Infinite Loop"
Published on Jul 24th, 2011
0 comments The Garage presents artist Josh Van Horne's exhibit, "Infinite Loop," a combination of drawings, kinetics, and circuitry. According to Van Horne, "If we're not moving, we're not going anywhere." A...
The Garage: Jason Kachadourian
Published on Jun 25th, 2011
0 comments The Garage presents Jason Kachadourian's exhibit, "The City is a Garden of Ideas," which features pieces that explore structure, with an emphasis on interior and exterior space. A First Friday...
The Garage: Photographer Justin Black's "Public Art Series No. 2"
Published on May 28th, 2011
0 comments The Garage, in association with Look3: Festival of the Photograph, shows Justin Black's exhibit, "Public Art Series No. 2," which will include gigantic photos installed on the outside of the venue. A...
The Garage: Jesse Wells' "Carl, Meet Virginia"
Published on Apr 30th, 2011
0 comments The Garage presents new work by local fave Jesse Wells in the exhibition, "Care, Meet Virginia." A First Friday opening is scheduled for May 6, 5:30-8pm. 250 First St. NE (across from Lee Park). For...
The Garage: Daniel Perry
Published on Mar 26th, 2011
0 comments The Garage showcases Daniel Perry's hand-cut prints, which explore "the interrelated dynamism of nature and the human form." A First Friday opening is scheduled for April 1, 5-8pm. 250 First St. NE (...
Snap: Dylan Sneed at the Garage
Published on Nov 8th, 2010
1 comments 8:31pm, Thursday, November 4. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Texicana musician Dylan Sneed performed last Thursday, November 4, at the Garage.
Home eco: Costello digs domesticity
Published on Oct 4th, 2010
1 comments Patrick Costello, "The Things We Do to Make Do." Making art is by nature a personal experience, but it's rare that an artist's work and life offer as seamless a continuum as Patrick Costello's. Like...
Tiny launchpad: 'Garage' cofounder Daughdrill does Detroit
Published on Aug 9th, 2010
2 comments The Garage remains a tiny but vital home for local music and art. PHOTO BY COURTENEY STUART Anyone want to relocate to Detroit? For many, images of decline and destruction in a once great American...
Buzz- Local jazz artist hits the road, just a little bit wiser
Published on Jun 6th, 2010
2 comments Local jazz artist Gerrit Roessler leaves Charlottesville with a plethora of experience, scholarship, and found noises in his repertoire. PUBLICITY PHOTO It may seem more grade school than hardcore...
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