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More spending: Rivanna moves past Gannett Fleming
Published on Jun 25th, 2009
11 comments The outrage that put City Councilor Holly Edwards (left) and County Supervisor Sally Thomas (right) onto the Rivanna board last month didn't stop the planned highway-hugging mega-dam pushed by chair...
Gannett Fleming settles in Big Dig fatality
Published on Mar 26th, 2009
18 comments The engineering firm at the center of a long-running water controversy has settled its biggest legal headache. The Massachusetts Attorney General's Office has announced that Gannett Fleming will pay...
Higher and higher: Frederick claimed dredge cost $225 million
Published on Mar 6th, 2008
0 comments   There's nothing in the budget of the 50-year water plan for dredging the Rivanna Reservoir... ...even though it will be less than a third its current size by 2050 RIVANNA WATER & SEWER...
Reservoir dogged: A $142 million boondoggle?
Published on Feb 28th, 2008
0 comments Dam critics: Five of the six members of Citizens for a Sustainable Water Plan (clockwise), Rich Collins (in cap), Francis Fife, Kevin Lynch, Betty Mooney, and Joe Mooney, gather at the South Fork...
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