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Pho-nomenon: Vietnamese soup comes to West Main
Published on Apr 5th, 2012
15 comments Related stories: • Savory spheres: Interior work begins at One Meatball Place • Purple days: Feast! celebrates 10 cheesey years Pho, the hearty Vietnamese noodle soup filled with big chunks of beef...
Dust devils: Amtrak lot gets Durasoil after West Main complaints
Published on Nov 2nd, 2010
25 comments West Mainers have called the dusty Amtrak parking lot a "blight" on the neighborhood. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER It looks like Amtrak parking lot owners Gabe Silverman and Alan Cadgene have finally...
Urban blight: Group seeks fix for Main Street, Amtrak lot
Published on Nov 2nd, 2009
27 comments The owners of the Amtrak parking lot have graded and filled potholes, but have never paved the lot. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Although there have been many big plans for the revitalization of West...