Forest Lakes

Egged on: Forest Lakes resident angered by addling
Published on Apr 24th, 2012
39 comments Two years ago, Forest Lakes North resident Carol Rasmussen was devastated when officials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture rounded up and slaughtered 90 Canada geese from the five lakes in her...
Whatever happened? 10 updated stories
Published on Jun 30th, 2011
22 comments Whatever happened after authorities slew the geese in Forest Lakes? Whatever happened to Oliver Kuttner's remarkably light car? What's the latest on the search for Morgan Harrington's killer? This...
Patriot's displaced: Arby's reclaims its name
Published on Jan 11th, 2011
52 comments Arby's has reclaimed its restaurant at Forest Lakes. FILE PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR Forest Lake's Arby’s owner Tom Slonaker has finally left the building. According to Emmet's Street Arby's manager...
Unfriendly skies: Forest Lakes, the Miracle on the Hudson, and Canada Geese
Published on Sep 1st, 2010
35 comments September 2, 2010 cover image. HOOK GRAPHIC The way that a pilot named Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger saved all 155 onboard his disabled commercial jetliner was the feel-good story of 2009. Locally,...
Greased: Arby's cleans up Forest Lakes
Published on Aug 28th, 2003
0 comments Last week, a resident fishing at Forest Lakes noticed gunk on his gear and thought there was paint on the lake. Another resident said the lake "reeked of french fries." And as two storm drains from...
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