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False light? Would-be killer wants vampire stories removed
Published on Jan 2nd, 2012
26 comments When Kurt Kroboth was tried for a vampire mask-assisted attempted murder of his estranged wife on Halloween night in 2004, the details of an upper-income couple's bitter divorce-turned-horror movie...
Gag me: Does censuring the censors really work?
Published on Apr 13th, 2011
7 comments   20 years of Muzzles Total awarded: 212 Lifetime Achievement Muzzles: 2– NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and the FCCGeographical distribution of Muzzles:Alabama - 2Alaska - 0Arizona -...
Libertarians call for prosecutor's ouster
Published on Apr 28th, 2010
12 comments Marsha Garst, the commonwealth's attorney who raided the office of the James Madison University student newspaper, the Breeze, on April 16 and threatened to take all of its computers and equipment,...
JMU paper raided, photos seized
Published on Apr 19th, 2010
25 comments Harrisonburg Commonwealth's Attorney Marsha Garst, bolstered by a search warrant and at least six or seven cops, shows up April 16 at the James Madison University student newspaper, the Breeze, and...
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