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Bail denied: Alleged abductor had booked hotel room
Published on Nov 30th, 2012
30 comments A judge denied bail Friday for James Kevin Key, the Palmyra man charged with attempted abduction of a toddler at Charlottesville Fashion Square mall on November 24. At issue was his rental of a hotel...
Attempted abduction: Security firm defends actions
Published on Nov 28th, 2012
9 comments The community has been aghast at an alleged attempted abduction of a two-year-old girl November 24 at Charlottesville Fashion Square that was not reported to police until six hours later by the child...
Mall suspect: Police release security pix of Mall grabber
Published on Nov 27th, 2012
16 comments The foiled attempt to snatch a two-year-old girl sent a community into tumult after it was revealed that a rented security guard let the alleged kidnapper go.  The man was caught on a security...
Mall cops: Alleged kidnaper escorted, not reported
Published on Nov 27th, 2012
12 comments That a two-year-old child may have been briefly kidnapped by a stranger at a shopping mall is shocking enough. That police weren't notified until six hours after the private security force at...
Brawl overblown? Teen disputes Fashion Square claims
Published on Mar 19th, 2010
41 comments A February sunset over Fashion Square. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Two of the bolder allegations in the recent brawl-at-the-mall that temporarily shut down Charlottesville Fashion Square were that...
If they took CTS to the brawl, how'd they return?
Published on Mar 8th, 2010
99 comments A CTS bus downtown. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Perhaps the most fascinating part of the whole brawl-at-the-mall that caused Charlottesville Fashion Square to shut down for an hour on Friday night, March...
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