energy crisis

Jaquith points in the right mirror
Published on Aug 22nd, 2012
6 comments Janis Jaquith is right that it’s the consumer, not the energy companies, to blame for the problems caused by energy consumption. [August 9 essay: “Post-derecho: I realize I’m the eco-catastrophe”]But...
Dumb and dumber: Silly stuff that's supposed to be green
Published on Jan 22nd, 2012
18 comments With the recent Detroit Automotive Show focusing on electrics and the Sierra Club having an electric car columnist, America continues to believe technology will save us. Let's see how that's working...
Rome burning? Then it's time for the impossible
Published on Mar 10th, 2011
0 comments Economist M. Scott Taylor and actress Emily Blunt– or rather the character she plays in The Adjustment Bureau– are peas in a pod. Recently, while The Adjustment Bureau was arriving in Charlottesville...
Person of the Year: Bad Boy turned Brazen Brainiac: Oliver Kuttner
Published on Dec 16th, 2010
13 comments Oliver KuttnerPHOTOS BY JEN FARIELLO "In my 1978 yearbook quote," says Oliver Kuttner. "I said, 'Try and you'll make it.' That's been my personality the whole time,"    The 49-year-old real...
Kuttner conquers: Oliver's Edison2 car wins $5 million X Prize
Published on Sep 16th, 2010
35 comments Kuttner (fourth from left) and team designed a car weighing 830 pounds. YOUTUBE VIDEO Oliver Kuttner, the Charlottesville real estate developer turned automotive developer, has won the $5 million...
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