Downtown Mall

Snap o' the day: Looking a LOT like Christmas
Published on Nov 17th, 2009
1 comments The appearance of the holiday tree on the Downtown Mall more than a week before Thanksgiving means the season is upon us, and the official grand illumination is Friday, November 20. Christmas lights...
Store-afront: Mall store demo done without approval
Published on Nov 13th, 2009
39 comments This glass storefront at 219 East Main Street was recently demolished–- without BAR approval. PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR On Monday, November 9, Downtown Mall mavens, along with City development...
Don't miss the Pointe
Published on Nov 10th, 2009
3 comments With over 60 eateries and restaurants in the Downtown Mall area, it’s easy for some places to get lost in the crowd. And when you’re inside a hotel and blocked from view by a forest of urban trees at...
Downtown Mall designer dies
Published on Oct 27th, 2009
0 comments Landscape architect Lawrence Halprin, 93, died Sunday, October 25, at age 93. Along with Charlottesville's Downtown Mall in 1976, Halprin designed the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC...
Need groceries? Don't forget the Mall's country store
Published on Oct 20th, 2009
0 comments Blue Ridge Country Store employee Brianna Valdez, standing in for camera shy owner Dan Pribus, works the counter with Patty Pribus. PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR In our excitement over the opening of the...
Designer bees: Marathon session for architects, artists
Published on Oct 2nd, 2009
7 comments Abby Larner helps create a new logo for CvilleRail at the second annual Design Marathon. PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR “The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create 11 design projects in 12...
BizBrief: Masons rent out Mall store
Published on Sep 28th, 2009
0 comments After more than a year sitting empty, the storefront on the east end of the Downtown Mall that used to house Order from Horder has a tenant. Signs announce BCreative is coming soon and tout "mostly...
Meet the meat artist
Published on Sep 15th, 2009
1 comments Have you ever wondered about the difference between prosciutto di Parma and prosciutto San Daniele? Are you mystified by the curing process? Do you constantly confuse coppa and capicola, salumi and...
Timely submission? City launches design contest for Mall clock
Published on Sep 6th, 2009
19 comments The old Mall clock was a familiar, if innaccurate, timepiece on a kiosk, which the City discarded. FILE PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR "Hey, meet you at the clock," could be a phrase on the lips of Downtown...
Mall moves: Second Street to get $800k 'scaping
Published on Sep 1st, 2009
43 comments Trashed since construction on the Landmark Hotel began, Second Street SE will now be getting a $800K make-over. PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR While our colleague Allan Smithee is certainly a talented writer,...
The Gleason reshapes the view
Published on Aug 2nd, 2009
14 comments The Gleason, a six-story residential tower, the biggest non-UVA building ever built in Charlottesville, changes the 5:19pm July 31 view down First Street from the Downtown Mall.
Drumroll, please: Group exiled until Council acts
Published on Jul 10th, 2009
11 comments William "Whit" Whitten hopes a "common ground" can be reached between drumming fans and foes. PHOTO BY CAMERON FELLER When City Council cast a dragnet just last year to end amplified music on the...
New lights for Mall
Published on Jun 30th, 2009
6 comments As part of its $7.5-million renovation, which appears now to be complete, new lights adorn the trees, as was evident in this photo from 9:19pm on June 29.
Mall project dedicated, Norris hands out bricks
Published on May 29th, 2009
6 comments Charlottesville Mayor Dave Norris, with City Councilor Satyendra Huja beside him, stands in the shadow of the unfinished Landmark Hotel as he begins the dedication ceremony for the completion of the...
Uncalming: Traffic bumps causing damage, anger
Published on May 26th, 2009
33 comments This new concrete speed bump at Second Street NW has been gouged from passing vehicles. PHOTO BY COURTENEY STUART No one questions whether drivers should go slowly as they cross the Downtown Mall....
Inside move: Ash Lawn Opera moves to Paramount
Published on May 26th, 2009
4 comments For the first time in 30 years, the Ash Lawn Opera Festival will be held indoors. FILE PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO After 30 years under the stars at Ash Lawn-Highland, the Ash Lawn Opera Festival is...
Professor Dog: What Up Dog hits the Mall
Published on May 20th, 2009
5 comments Tom Jakubowski of What Up Dog, the Mall's newest hot dog cart. PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR Tom Jakubowski isn't the only person with a hot dog cart on the Downtown Mall, but he's probably the only one with...
Daily grind: Mall work continues
Published on May 14th, 2009
0 comments "We are done!" declares the website for the Mall renovation project, but as the Hook recently reported, it's not quite done, done. Today, those eardrum-splitting brick saws could be heard again as...
Snap o' the Day: Uncorraled news boxes
Published on May 12th, 2009
2 comments A platoon of newspaper boxes (18 in all) stand at attention on the West end of the Mall. A number of them (1, 2, 3, 4) are not identified as serving any publication. City Councilors were at odds over...
Miracle Mall? Re-bricking project almost done
Published on May 12th, 2009
16 comments While most of the Mall was open to pedestrians on Friday, May 8, this section in front of Escaf©–- needing replacement of its uneven slab–- is still under construction. PHOTO BY DAVE...