the doors

Mili-mouthing: Local man fronts Doors legends Manzarek-Krieger
Published on Jun 8th, 2010
31 comments Mili, right, works the shadows while Manzarek holds the light. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER RICHMOND–- For just $20, concertgoers got to hear songs of the 1960s rock group whose frontman combined...
Opening Doors: The six degrees of Miljenko Matijevic
Published on Jun 2nd, 2010
2 comments Miljenko Matijevic goes by "Mili," as in "mealy-mouthed," though his soaring vocals are anything but. That's why the Yugoslavian-turned-Charlottesvillian has landed a hot new job as the new voice of...
Doors managers here tonight, tomorrow
Published on Mar 27th, 2007
4 comments Despite helping cement their role in music history, Bill Siddons may always face second-guessing over his management of the Doors, the late 1960s rock and blues band whose albums have sold over...