devon sproule

Berlin bound: Sproule and Curreri head for Europe
Published on Aug 22nd, 2011
1 comments Over the past decade, folk musicians Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule have been key figures in the Charlottesville music scene, but after a late August farewell concert, the married couple will move to...
Buzz- Wes Swing: His minimalism isn't just a sound
Published on Jan 2nd, 2011
3 comments Swing's sultry vocals add depth to his classical folk-rock. PUBLICITY PHOTO Experimental folk rocker Wes Swing takes pride in making a lot out of a little. Like a cold fall night pierces a mountain...
Buzz-Hooray! Devon Sproule's �¡Hurry! a sensual feast
Published on Apr 29th, 2010
3 comments Sproule's fourth album captures the jazzier facets of the Cville darling. PUBLICITY PHOTO Early in her career, the term "hot wifey back porch jazz" might not have explained the music of local...
Growing up: Devon's new CD goes Upstate
Published on May 29th, 2003
0 comments By my calculations, Devon Sproule, or “Devon” as she’s better known around town, is at most 21 years old. She’s been written about in The Village Voice and The New Yorker, has toured nationally, and...
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