the decemberists

The Tale of Colin and Gillian
Published on Jul 25th, 2011
0 comments The Decemberists became arguably the most intellectually intimidating art-rockers of the new century thus far largely because they spent nearly a decade writing increasingly complex music...
Audience crowds Pavilion stage
Published on Sep 25th, 2009
2 comments PHOTO BY STEPHANIE GARCIA When the Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy invited a few lucky fans to join the band onstage for the last song of the night, many of Thursday's concert attendees complied,...
Interview: No 'Hazards' here: The Decemberists mesh a whole new sound
Published on Sep 21st, 2009
0 comments Rich literary experiments drive The Decemberists' sound. PUBLICITY PHOTO Nobody thought it could be done, but the Decemberists have out-Decemberisted themselves, as it were. Their most recent album,...