Dargan Coggeshall

No trespassing: Local angler loses fight for Virginia river rights
Published on Oct 22nd, 2012
11 comments After over two years and tens of thousands of dollars, Charlottesville citizen Dargan Coggeshall's legal fight to preserve fishing rights for Virginia anglers came to an end on October 9 in an...
Foggy bottom: River rights case could impact Virginia economy
Published on Aug 24th, 2012
17 comments Two years ago, Charlottesville business owner Dargan Coggeshall was angling for some trout on the Jackson River. Today, he's angling for a court ruling he hopes will preserve public access to...
Published on May 27th, 2012
0 comments The story that inspired this one.
River law update: Charlottesville angler gets a day in court
Published on May 10th, 2012
30 comments Back in January, the Hook profiled local angler Dargan Coggeshall, a Charlottesville business owner and long-time fly-fisherman, who was being sued for fishing in the Jackson River in Alleghany...