Downtown Crozet to lose its main parking lot over RR fears
Published on May 7th, 2010
35 comments In 1994, a nursing home receptionist and the elderly walker-using woman she was trying to save were struck and killed by one of these in Crozet. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Turns out it's owned by the...
Snap: Crozet house whacked for no library
Published on Dec 12th, 2009
9 comments This is the house torn down last year for the planned Crozet replacement library, a $10 million, 20,000 square-foot behemoth that has now been removed from the County's 5-year CIP, or Capital...
Attention HT shoppers: Crozet store opens
Published on May 6th, 2009
20 comments The new Harris Teeter in Crozet provides big-city amenities like sushi in a quasi-rural setting. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE An era ended in Crozet with the May 6 opening of a LEED-certified Harris...
Take a village: Old Trail on the block?
Published on Apr 23rd, 2009
29 comments In 2006, Old Trail Village in Crozet played host to director Tom Shadyac and his movie Evan Almighty, which called for building an ark on the development. PHOTO BY DON ANDERSON Wanna buy a master...
Ain't no mountain wide enough: To keep Crozet from tunneling a new attraction
Published on Nov 21st, 2002
0 comments Claudius Crozet is more than a name on a neighborhood park or a tiny town. Although he's been dead for 138 years, he's a hero in engineering circles. "He was ahead of his time," says Howard Newlon,...
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