court Square

Confederate canon... ready for inaction
Published on Aug 26th, 2012
6 comments One of the pair of Confederate cannons on the grounds of Albemarle County courts complex aims out at passersby on a recent August day.
Scranton's finest comes to Court Square
Published on Aug 18th, 2012
0 comments Our eyes bugged out last Thursday while strolling through Court Square when we spied this empty box of Dunder Mifflin paper in a Charlottesville recycling bin. It turns out that mega-store Staples...
Autumn light rocks
Published on Dec 14th, 2011
2 comments A Hook photographer was out (along with other light-savvy photographers) on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 23, the day before Thanksgiving, when the afternoon light suffused the buildings and...
Snap: Cubs and cannon
Published on Sep 30th, 2010
0 comments 5:48pm, Tuesday, September 28. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Some Cub Scouts and their parents took advantage of Tuesday's warm and sunny weather–- before the steady rain and cooler temperatures set...
Snap: Sunset on Court Square
Published on Sep 12th, 2009
5 comments Court Square glows in the sunset at 7:24pm on Friday, 9/11.