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Iconic slices: Crozet Pizza comes to the Corner
Published on Sep 27th, 2012
22 comments Crozet Pizza is coming to the Corner on Elliewood Avenue sometime before Halloween. Now, that's pretty exciting news. The pizza is legendary, and students on the Corner are going to go nuts for it....
After 26 years, St. Maarten Café closes
Published on Jan 30th, 2012
28 comments News about the sudden closing of St. Maarten Café on the Corner, the place with the Buffett vibe (Jimmy, not Warren) long before Cheeseburger in Paradise, spread like wildfire on social media...
After three decades, Corner Market folds
Published on May 10th, 2011
41 comments Say it ain't so! After thirty years, a Corner landmark has quietly vanished: the Corner Market at 1411 University Avenue. The phone has been disconnected, the contents have been emptied, and we've...
On 14th Street: Boutique 'Alcove' hotel gets Council approval
Published on Apr 13th, 2010
11 comments The Alcove apartments on 14th Street could become Charlottesville first boutique hotel. PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR Charlottesville may soon get its first boutique hotel after City Council approved rehab...
Noodling in: Marco & Luca conquer the Corner
Published on Feb 16th, 2010
30 comments “I think it's important to keep it simple,” says Marco & Luca's Dragana Katalina-Sun. PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR Looks like UVA students are finally discovering Marco & Luca dumplings now that...
Trinity�s trinity: location, atmosphere, and an infamous chef
Published on Nov 20th, 2009
4 comments Goodbye O'Neill's; hello Trinity. The upscale Irish pub on The Corner opened in October and it's already making a name for itself. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER After months of renovation, the former O'...
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