charlottesville police department

Last day: Mike Farruggio turns in his cuffs
Published on Sep 4th, 2013
15 comments If a guy has been a cop for 25 years in Charlottesville, yeah, there are going to be some stories. "We had some prior information that UVA students were going to be streaking," reveals Captain Gary...
Snap: Cops on bikes
Published on Aug 7th, 2011
2 comments Charlottesville Police appear to be doing some sort of training as they ride along the Downtown Mall. Police are the only citizens permitted to pedal on the pedestrian park.
Mourning commute: Council asks if police fee takes fun from funerals
Published on Oct 4th, 2010
32 comments Until recently, Charlottesville Police (not shown here) conducted four to five daily escorts. FLICKR/MARC.BENTON The Charlottesville Police Department sent an emissary to City Council Monday to...
No comment: Sheriff mum after 90mph chase for graffiti suspect
Published on Mar 4th, 2010
31 comments On March 1, an Augusta County sheriff's deputy launched a chase that blew through eight red lights as it traveled through residential and shopping areas and hit speeds reaching 90mph, according to a...
Longo responds to 85mph Rugby Road police pursuit
Published on Nov 2nd, 2009
0 comments After the Hook posted the dashboard camera video of a police pursuit which reached speeds as high as 85mph on a residential Rugby Road, Charlottesville police Chief Longo responded to concerns...