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Sovereign immunity: City to argue for dismissal of Mitchell crosswalk case
Published on May 18th, 2010
20 comments Artist Gerry Mitchell, one year after the crosswalk incident. FILE PHOTO BY WILL WALKER In November 2007, wheelchair-bound pedestrian Gerry Mitchell was tossed into the street when he was struck in...
Officer charged in wreck on way to robbery scene
Published on Nov 18th, 2009
37 comments A Charlottesville Police officer has been charged with “failure to yield” in an accident that occurred while responding to yesterday’s Wachovia Bank robbery. According to Albemarle County Officer Lt...
Police wreck on way to robbery scene
Published on Nov 17th, 2009
20 comments Two Charlottesville police officers responding to today’s Wachovia Bank robbery on 10th Street were involved in a car wreck. Police say the officers were in an unmarked car and were broadsided when...