Burning up the derecho limbs
Published on Jul 27th, 2012
0 comments From the comfort of a hammock, a jack russell terrier watches a bonfire consisting of limbs and trunks from derecho-damaged trees in a Western Albemarle backyard.
Bikini bonfire
Published on May 29th, 2012
0 comments In Western Albemarle a bonfire burns as nearly a dozen bikini-clad girls run around it. Must be some sort of Memorial Day ceremony– or else it was a birthday party for the daughter of a pyro.
On top of the pyre
Published on Dec 17th, 2011
0 comments Six boys celebrate on top of a burning brush pile at an undisclosed location in Western Albemarle.
Snap o' the Day: Ivy Bonfire
Published on Apr 25th, 2009
1 comments A bonfire roars Friday night at an outdoor party at an unidsclosed location near Ivy.