beaver creek reservoir

Birds of a feather
Published on Jan 27th, 2013
2 comments Hey, we thought they flocked together, but this juvenile swan joining Canada geese at Beaver Creek Reservoir in Crozet apparently didn't get that memo. The Wildlife Center in Waynesboro took a look...
Goose droppings: Okay to drink the water, officials say
Published on Mar 20th, 2012
30 comments Related stories • Unfriendly skies: Forest Lakes, the Miracle on the Hudson, and Canada Geese • Safety of chloramines questioned: Disinfectant to be added into local water supply starting in 2014...
Snap: Sunset over Beaver Creek (and Hobie Cat)
Published on Aug 12th, 2010
3 comments Beaver Creek, 8:02pm Thursday. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER The sun sets over over the Blue Ridge and Beaver Creek Reservoir, a Crozet-area water body whose 104-acre surface provide anglers and occasional...