Kitchen confidential: Bashir Khalefa, Bashir's Taverna
Published on Apr 5th, 2007
0 comments BASHIR KHALEFA, OWNER, BASHIR'S TAVERNA The secret to great cooking is: passion and developing taste buds by going to fine restaurants and tasting the best. The secret to success in the restaurant...
While you wait: Bashir's has tapas, too
Published on Nov 28th, 2002
0 comments Since Dish's visit to Belmont's soon-to-open Spanish eatery, Mas, last week, we can't control our craving for tapas. By virtue of size alone, these tasty little dishes seem the perfect antidote to...
Bashir's is here!
Published on Sep 12th, 2002
0 comments By the looks of it last week, we may have been the last people in town to visit Bashir's, which reopened September 3 in the post office building at the east end of the Downtown Mall. From the groups...