Bank of America

BofA Day: Protesters mark shareholders meeting
Published on May 9th, 2012
6 comments In Charlotte, North Carolina, five people have already been arrested at the Bank of America shareholders meeting today. In Charlottesville, members of a group called Blue Ridge Council for Conscious...
'You're sued!' Bank of America files against The Donald
Published on Sep 2nd, 2011
20 comments The colorful efforts of Donald Trump to buy Patricia Kluge's former home have pushed Bank of America so hard that the bank has apparently gotten fed up and filed suit against the New York-based...
Noble's cause: Local man beats Bank of America
Published on Aug 6th, 2010
21 comments Jim Noble won a $900 judgment against Bank of America. PHOTO FROM MSNBC WEBSITE MSNBC blogger Bob Sullivan writes about Charlottesville’s Jim Noble, a senior software engineer at,...