arcadian contradiction

Saving themselves: Teens practice abstinence... on driver's licenses
Published on Aug 14th, 2012
10 comments By Jim Motavalli The evidence is in, and it's not just my license-free 18-year-old daughter. The percentage of young people with licenses is definitely going down. Previous essays by this author...
Post derecho: I realize I'm the eco-catastrophe
Published on Aug 3rd, 2012
17 comments My name is Janis, and I’m an addict. No, not heroin or cocaine or meth. This is worse than a drug. With a drug addiction, you can tell yourself that the only person you’re putting in peril is...
Trouble in Arcadia: Development, traffic threaten TJ's dream
Published on Feb 22nd, 2007
1 comments The Arcadian tradition so clearly represented in the architecture of UVA– and other designs by Thomas Jefferson– contains an inherent contradiction that's headed for a major controversy...