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Road kill: VDOT spraying ignites controversy
Published on Aug 15th, 2013
32 comments The controversy over the Virginia Department of Transportation’s plan to spray herbicide on Albemarle County roadsides continues to churn as the spraying dates— August 26 and 27— loom closer. Leading...
People to watch
Published on Aug 1st, 2013
21 comments City Kristin Szakos: While professionally she's been a reporter/writer/translator, community organizing has always been close to the vice mayor's heart— she's written two books about it and her...
Chairman of the board: Fuhgeddaboudit when 29 bypass involved
Published on Jan 14th, 2013
23 comments If tradition had been upheld on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors, Duane Snow would be chairman. Instead, at its first meeting of the year, the usually decorous board got testy over election of the...
Fines unleashed: Albemarle criminalizes owners of roaming dogs
Published on Aug 3rd, 2012
26 comments Albemarle holds its rural character dear, but anyone thinking about unleashing a bounding hound or letting Rover live up to his name may want to rethink the wisdom of such now-illegal actions. In...
Goodbye, dredging? Brown, Huja, Szakos opt for mega-dam
Published on Jan 18th, 2011
186 comments For months, Brown (inset) has been asserting that dredging won't supply enough water. Huja and Szakos now officially agree. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER In September, Charlottesville City Council...
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