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Allied wall lines: Concrete company readies with Redi-Rock
Published on Apr 2nd, 2012
6 comments After just a couple of days, a planned display area for bulk materials at Allied Concrete has already made a visible impact on Harris Street. The retaining walls are going up as fast as Legos because...
Not over: Both sides appeal in Lester v. Allied Concrete
Published on Nov 29th, 2011
9 comments The lawsuit that resulted in one of the largest wrongful death jury awards in Virginia has been appealed– by both sides. Plaintiff Isaiah Lester, widower of 25-year-old Jessica Scott Lester,...
Unusual outcome: $722K in sanctions, juror judges judge
Published on Nov 4th, 2011
8 comments Nearly a year after a jury made one of the largest wrongful death awards in Virginia, the plaintiff and his attorney have seen the $10.6 million slashed– and been hit with one of the largest...
Sanctions: Allied Concrete attorneys want $900K in legal fees
Published on Sep 24th, 2011
14 comments The tragic day in 2007 when an Allied Concrete mixer crossed paths on Route 53 with the car of a young married couple, it took more than 25-year-old Jessica Scott Lester's life. Today her widower...
'Stink-bomb': Explosive allegations threaten $10-million award, career
Published on Jul 25th, 2011
36 comments The jury was so moved by 25-year-old Jessica Lester's 2007 death under the weight of an out-of-control Allied Concrete mixer that it awarded a record $10.6 million, the bulk of which to go to her...
$10.6 million: Record verdict in Rt. 53 death case
Published on Dec 14th, 2010
56 comments Married just two years, Jessica Lester, 25, was training for a nursing career at the time of her death. PHOTO COURTESY ALLEN, ALLEN, ALLEN & ALLEN A Charlottesville jury has awarded what's...
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