albemarle county fair

Like a phoenix: AlbCo Fair rebuilds... at Ash Lawn
Published on Mar 9th, 2012
4 comments   Previous story • Storm Survivors: Rebuilding the Albemarle County Fair Plagued by heat, storms, and– most-recently– a season-quashing unavailability of land, the Albemarle County...
Storm Survivors: Rebuilding the Albemarle County Fair
Published on Sep 4th, 2003
0 comments Virginia in general this summer– and the Albemarle County Fair over the years have been notorious for devastating thunderstorms. This was no exception on August 28, when a massive storm rocked...
Magic spell: Can the County Fair really bring rain?
Published on Sep 12th, 2002
0 comments Question: How do you predict when it will rain in August? Answer: What date is the Albemarle County Fair? Even in a drought year, there's an amazing consistency to the county fair's ability to...
No frogs: County Fair drops live critter contests
Published on Aug 29th, 2002
0 comments Since the days of Mark Twain's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County," frog-jumping contests have been a time-honored part of county fairs. But they hold no honor for Daily Progress...
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