albemarle-charlottesville regional jail

Unhealthy situation? Friends question jailed man's death
Published on Jan 19th, 2011
56 comments It had been over 40 years since Jimmy Gunn had been behind bars, and he was terrified of going back. He began telling friends that it wasn't fair that a 60-year-old with myriad health problems...
Junk food casualty: Jail locks down for 8 days
Published on Jan 14th, 2011
13 comments During the recent 8-day lock down, local inmates were unable to move around as they did here with Colonel Ron Matthews. FILE PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO A trusty looking for a snack from a vending machine...
Inmates talk: Wood Grill murder trial enters day three
Published on May 29th, 2009
1 comments Escorted by an Albemarle deputy, Roderick "Guam" McDowell leaves Circuit Court on Thursday, May 28 to return to the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail after the second day of his murder trial....