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Self-serving: The 'Hook' goes into time capsule
Published on Dec 29th, 2012
0 comments In 50 years, although print media may well be a thing of the past, one local paper will be around when the time capsule stored at the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society gets popped open in...
Modern markers: History tour goes high-tech
Published on Jul 27th, 2011
0 comments Our area is thick with sturdy historic makers, those grey and black signs with inlaid text explaining the brief history of a place along the roadsides or next to parking lots and buildings. But...
Today show spotlights Hatton Ferry
Published on Sep 29th, 2009
6 comments NBC's Today show put on a remarkable story–- complete with nuptials–- on the under-the-axe Hatton Ferry Monday.