Snap o' the Day

Thanks for the road
Published on Sep 16th, 2011
0 comments Here's a sign you don't see everyday around here. Town Center Drive opened in March and connects U.S. 29 just south of Hollymead Town Center to Dickerson Road near the airport. The 0.7 mile road...
Snap: Jefferson School collects big checks
Published on Sep 14th, 2011
0 comments The long-anticipated Jefferson School renovation officially kicked off September 14 with the ringing of a school bell by a former student and donations of $67,000 to the $18-million rehab project....
Bald eagle on 9/10
Published on Sep 13th, 2011
0 comments On a day when the streets of nearby Washington teemed with machine gun-toting officers and traffic diversions to ward off any 9/11 weekend terror, a juvenile bald eagle entertains photographers on...
Car extrication in Greenwood
Published on Sep 12th, 2011
0 comments A car driven into a drainage ditch at the Rockfish Gap Country Store in Greenwood gets extricated by a passing samaritan in a big blue pickup truck.
Sunken deer
Published on Sep 8th, 2011
5 comments A deer that died of unknown causes lies submerged in a tiny pond on private property in the West Leigh subdivision during the 2009-10 hunting season. As they did that season, Virginians ages 15 and...
Snap: Kelly's tree
Published on Sep 2nd, 2011
1 comments The maple tree planted to honor Kelly Watt, the hard-charging runner-writer who died from heat stroke complications just before entering college in 2005, stands in tribute at Panorama Farms during...
Snap: Risky dogness
Published on Aug 30th, 2011
4 comments Passing through an unsignaled intersection in hurricane-torn Glenns, a pickup truck toolbox provides a breezy but unstable ride for a dog. (Note: an earlier posting gave the wrong town name.)
Snap: Waiting for Irene
Published on Aug 27th, 2011
3 comments Citizens visit the Corner district Saturday, August 27 in advance of the rain from Hurricane Irene.
Snap: Faith Mission Fellowship sings
Published on Aug 24th, 2011
1 comments Members of Free Union-based Faith Mission Fellowship regale passersby with their songs of Christian hope and inspiration on a recent Thursday night.
Snap: Reinforcements?
Published on Aug 16th, 2011
0 comments A half dozen cherry pickers were lined up in the Omni parking lot Tuesday morning, August 16, following the storm the previous Sunday that left much of Charlottesville powerless. The Progress reports...
Snap: Getting ready for banking parade
Published on Aug 14th, 2011
0 comments Wells Fargo officially celebrated its renaming of the former Wachovia banks in Charlottesville on August 9 with a little parade on the Downtown Mall and some speeches touting about $80,000 in...
Snap: Arden Place going up
Published on Aug 9th, 2011
0 comments It may seem like just yesterday that a member of the Woodbrook neighborhood was fretting about the arrival of "riff-raff." Today, however, the 212-unit Arden Place community rises behind the Carmike...
Snap: Cops on bikes
Published on Aug 7th, 2011
2 comments Charlottesville Police appear to be doing some sort of training as they ride along the Downtown Mall. Police are the only citizens permitted to pedal on the pedestrian park.
Snap: What's left of Woolen Mills Dam
Published on Aug 6th, 2011
3 comments Nearly four years after most of it was removed, the stone block remnants of the Woolen Mills Dam still stand along the Rivanna River in the Woolen Mills neighborhood.
Turks Gap Road
Published on Jul 24th, 2011
11 comments Two kids (who just finished swimming at "Blue Hole" on the south fork of the Moormans River) step off Turks Gap Road– one of the historic highways severed by the 75-year ago creation of the...
Blue Hole on a hot day
Published on Jul 23rd, 2011
7 comments On a Saturday that hit 96 in town, temperatures– particularly the water temperatures– were significantly cooler in Blue Hole, a swimming hole just outside the Shenandoah National Park in...
Snap: Restaurant week rolls on
Published on Jul 15th, 2011
2 comments Restaurant Week diners appear to be enjoying themselves at the Boar's Head Inn Thursday night.
Feeder bear
Published on Jul 12th, 2011
1 comments This bear visited the yard of John Clem in the Key West neighborhood.
Snap o' the Day: Almost like 1776
Published on Jul 5th, 2011
1 comments The Old Guard from Colonial Williamsburg presents the colors at Monticello's naturalization ceremony July 4, where the United States gained 77 new citizens.
Down the drain... for a purpose
Published on Jun 30th, 2011
3 comments A fire hydrant on downtown's Altamont Street has been running all day in an attempt to clear the line of water in order to make repairs to a line underneath nearby High Street, according to a worker...